We employ over 300 people in Queensland and NSW at our 40+ sites. We are constantly looking to add new sites to our network and you can expect to see more Freedom Fuels sites opening in the coming years!

Our range of quality fuels varies by site but all sites sell Unleaded 91 and Diesel, the vast majority also sell E10 Unleaded as well Premium 95 and/or Hi Octane 98.

As well as competitively priced fuel, we also offer all customers an additional 4c/litre immediate discount when they purchase over 40 litres of fuel (excluding LPG Autogas), to a maximum of 120 Litres.

Business owners whose vehicles fill up with more than 120 litres at a time are encouraged to open a Business Account with us.

We are one of Australia’s leading convenience retailers, with over 7 million transactions with our loyal customers every year.

We offer high quality products in our Convenience stores, as well as outstanding fresh quality foods and coffee at our Grinding Time cafés.